Women’s History Month: Ada Falcón

Ada Falcón, one of the best-known female tango protagonists, enjoyed a career in music, film and radio in the 1920s and 1930s. As small children, Falcón and her two sisters performed vaudeville shows under their mother’s management. At age 5, Falcon became known as La Joyita Argentina “The Little Argentine Gem” and at 13, appeared in her first film. During her career, she collaborated with Osvaldo Fresedo, and Enrique Delfino, however she’s celebrated for her years-long work and not-so-secret affair with Francisco Canaro that lasted until 1938. Among Falcón’s many admirers were singer Carlos Gardel and composer Enrique Discepolo who would attend her studio recordings just to hear her sing. She recorded over 200 songs before disappearing from the public eye in the early 1940s. Here’s Falcón’s “Yo no sé qué me han hecho tus ojos” (I don’t know know what your eyes have done to me), a line attributed to Canaro and/or Gardel who were both smitten by her captivating green eyes. #womenshistorymonth

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