Women’s History Month: Geraldine Rojas

Dancer and choreographer Geraldine Rojas is probably best known for her incredible interpretive range, distinctive spry footwork and years-long collaboration with dancer Javier Rodríguez. As a contemporary dancer, she ushered in a new era for tangueras, which encompassed elegance, speed and rich musicality. Though introduced to tango as a child, Rojas began studying the dance as a teenager under the tutelage of her father Jorge Daniel Dispari and mother Maria “La Turca” del Carmen, who partnered with the famed milonguero Don Carlos Alberto Esteves a.k.a. “Petroleo.” In 2002, Rojas appeared in Robert Duvall’s film Assassination Tango (in a practice with Rodríguez and a final performance with Pablo Verón). Today, she continues to perform internationally with her husband and creative partner Ezequiel Paludi. Here’s Geraldine Rojas performing Di Sarli’s Corazón featuring Roberto Rufino on vocals. #womenshistorymonth

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