Women’s History Month: Kacey Link and Kristin Wendland

Pianist and scholar Kacey Link teamed up with composer and professor Kristin Wendland to co-author Tracing Tangueros, the first comprehensive, English-language foundational study on Argentine tango. The book “offers an inside view of Argentine tango music in the context of the growth and development of the art form’s instrumental and stylistic innovations. It traces tango’s historical and stylistic musical trajectory in Argentina, beginning with the guardia nueva’s crystallization of the genre in the 1920s, moving through tango’s Golden Age (1932–1955), and culminating with the “Music of Buenos Aires” today. Through the transmission, discussion, examination, and analysis of scores, manuals of style, archival audio/video recordings, and live video footage of performances and demonstrations, the book frames and defines Argentine tango music as a distinct expression possessing its own musical legacy and characteristic musical elements.” #womenshistorymonth

Tracing Tangueros is available via Amazon and the Oxford University Press.

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