Women’s History Month: Cecilia Rossetto

Now 70 years old, Cecilia Rossetto has enjoyed a long career as an actress, singer, comedian and cabaret performer. As a theater writer and director, she drew on the tradition of teatro frívolo, a style made popular at the turn of the 20th century due to its storytelling about everyday life, use of street language, and rupture of the fourth wall of the stage (performer-spectator engagement). Rossetto boasts of more than 30 television and film credits to her name, and has served as the cultural attaché of the Argentine consulate in Barcelona, Spain. In 2011, she released Rojotango with Daniel Binelli, the composer and bandoneón virtuoso who previously worked alongside both Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzolla. Here’s Rossetto performing Francisco Canaro’s waltz Corazón de Oro. #womenshistorymonth

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