Women’s History Month: Natasha Lewinger

Uruguayan maestra Natasha Lewinger has danced tango since 2007, and has taught for over 10 years, having collaborated professionally with Pablo Rodriguez, Pancho Martínez Pey, Pedro Farias, Silvio La Via and others. In 2016, she and Greek tanguero Haris Mihail began a creative partnership exploring musicality, symmetry and dynamics in their interpretations of Golden Age music. Natasha described her approach to tango with, “You could say that my energy, posture and embrace belong to the milonguero style, but I work with many elements of tango salon such as the dynamics in giros and elegance with the lines of the legs. For me the thing that prevails in dance is the connection, and after, the technique. The technique is very important and in fact my explanations are very technical, but all this with the premise that the feelings are above the technique and not the other way around.” Here are Natasha and Haris performing Florindo Sassone’s “Pescadores de Perlas” #womenshistorymonth


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