Women’s History Month: Maja Petrović

Croatian-born maestra Maja Petrović was exposed to arts and culture early in her life. She began dancing at age 3, and, during her 10 years in music school, she studied both the piano and flute. In 2002, Maja and her partner Marko Miljević discovered tango, and five years later they began teaching in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2014, the two embarked on careers as full-time teachers and performers, traveling worldwide to share their wealth of knowledge and love of the dance. Among their influences, they cite Pablo Rodríguez, Noelia Hurtado, Carlitos Espinoza and other contemporary protagonists. Maja’s style is characterized by spry, musical adornos, dancing between the phrase, and keen expression of legato and staccato movement. Here are Maja and Marko interpreting D’Arienzo’s “Este Carnaval.” #womenshistorymonth

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